Snowball Fight!!

Working on getting some fresh pieces of work in my portfolio. This is a new illustration of some old characters who I haven't drawn for a while...  I find it so easy when I start with a new character to get carried away with the story and potential spreads and not spend the time getting to know the characters. It's not until I go back and revisit some old little people that I realise I already know what their faces would be doing or how they would be reacting to a situation and everything feels like it has better momentum!!

Little Warrior

New picture finished today... this one took a while but I think I'm happy with it now. Might need a vignette....Cant decide but here it is in it's current form...

Recent work

Reposting some recent work before some super fresh work comes in over the next few weeks!
Had a little edit on the turtle picture, on very sound and trusted advice. Think its looking a lot better...

Newest picture

After an inexcusably long period of very little illustration, (I really will save you my excuses) I'm back up and going again and excited to get more pictures going... Here's to the first of many...Hope you like it!

Dog Sketches

Got a new puppy!! Here's some quick sketches of him... Could be a sidekick for some lucky character one day!

SCBWI character building event

Attended the last of the SCBWI events yesterday, 'Creating characters that live' with Mike Brownlow. It was a really constructive day. Got to play with robot figurines and make my burglar girl out of plastercine!

Mike Brownlow's robots

Mud, mud glorious mud!

Hello! What an inexcusably long time not to post anything! It's been a busy few months is all I can say but I have lots of new drawings in the making so I will make up for the quiet period over the next few weeks.

Here is a new drawing, it's a bit of a different approach from my other recent stuff .... see what you think xx

School mural

The lovely primary school that I work at has given me time out of classroom to do some redecorating! The kids have been very excited despite the first few thinking I'd gone rogue and was graffiting.

Email meltdown!

After an impressive bit of self sabotage I managed to delete my email account this week!!! 

My main contact address now is...

Swing picture reworked

I think I've finally cracked my swing picture!! I always loved the image but not how it had turned out but had a play and I think I've got it!


New pictures and news soon!! It's been an exciting few weeks!

Here's a sneaky peek clue at a new picture.... x