New Book- Fishing Boots

New book news! Trumpets, fanfare and confetti! I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work on a book with Oxford University Press and the great Jeanne Willis, author of many favourites such as Bog Baby and Tadpole's Promise. I loved the OUP reading books when I was at school so it was a real treat to get to illustrate this story earlier in the year. Thank you as always to the lovely team at Plum Pudding Illustration Agency. And to my husband who was only my boyfriend at the time and still married me, despite the fact that sometimes I go a bit hyde when I have a beast of a deadline :) Available at Amazon if you click the picture below....


Sneaky peak inside.... they don't all come with a dent, only if you have a postman like ours who like to fold things rather forcibly

Sneaky peak inside.... they don't all come with a dent, only if you have a postman like ours who like to fold things rather forcibly

Edits complete for 'I want a friend'

Final edits completed on 'I want a friend' with the lovely author Anne Booth and Lion Publishing. It was a whirlwind of a project as the deadline was tight but I couldn't have been working with a nicer team. Incredibly excited to see it in print and start on the second and third book with Anne and Lion in 2017!

Lauren Child's Dollshouse

If anyone hasn't seen it, it's really worth taking a look at illustrator Lauren Child's dolls house she has made. She has been working on it over the past 30 years and it is breathtakingly intricate to the point where she has tiny cobwebs on the light fittings and even the inside of cupboards and drawers are lined with beautiful patterns. It's on display at the House of Illustration in London. I hope I get a chance to get down and see it in person! I remember I had a lovely fat little wooden dolls house when I was little and I always imagined how magical it would be to have lights in it!!! Here's a short video showing the inside

Busy, busy, busy!

After going to ground for the last few months, a draft has come together of 'Izzy the very bad burglar' in colour! It is with my lovely editor Julie and the publishers at Sky Pony Press and will be tidied up and finished off in the next few weeks, ready for Spring publishing date! Here are a couple of sneaky peeks of the work in progress...

Izzy the very bad burglar

I'm really excited to write that in Spring 2016, Izzy my little burglar character will have her own picture book published in the US!! It will be published by SkyPony Press in Spring 2016!! Here's a sneak peek of the first draft with my editor :s Thank you to my lovely agency, Plum Pudding Illustration as it wouldn't have come about if they hadn't of been so supportive.....

Updates to follow!

Happy New Year everyone!

In with the New Year and back to work!! Despite being back at my desk, I am defiantly in pyjamas until tomorrow and have Christmas chocolate to eat over my keyboard.... formally back to business tomorrow!

The more, the merrier

Working on a new set of characters for some fancy dress party stories. Dancing dinosaur, stroppy king, goofy little bat girl! Had lots of fun and was going to make a shortlist but I think they might all have to come to the party now!

New Izzy illustration....

New Izzy illustration.... I will find a story for her soon! If anyone has any suggestions for an adventure for her and frog to go on, I would welcome any ideas!

Pass the sketchbook has been through Northampton!

Finished my pass the sketchbook page! It was scary but liberating to work from scratch to best, knowing that any mistakes were probably staying. I've never used photoshop to generate work but over the years I've become more and more reliant on it's capacity to mask mistakes and adjust colours a bit... shuffle the odd eye that is looking a bit crossed! Working completely unaided was a healthy departure and I've had great fun :)

Keep an eye on the sketchbooks progress on to the next illustrators...

Thank you to Kid Crayon who started the project and got in touch to get involved. I look forward to seeing the results in Bristol when its done its rounds.

Bristol 'Pass the Sketchbook' project

The Bristol 'Pass the sketchbook' project is coming along nicely! Not long until its my turn. All tea cups and cats will be kept outside of a perimeter I'm going to fashion out of cocktail sticks and pins... I will not be the one sweating frantically with the hair dryer and trying to correct water stains Mr. Bean style!

Kid Crayon, project founder, up first! See his awesome work here